GM Seeking Global Input For Design of the New C7 Corvette

What has always been known as an American icon may soon get some styling advice from outside influences outside of the boarders as GM is now actually seeking design advice from its many sources around the world. This means that the C7 Corvette will come out with a flavor of another country; maybe even more than one.
But before you get too distraught it is worth noting that the designs that GM is considering for the next generation of the Corvette are coming from design studios that at least belong to the American company. The reasoning behind the move is due to the fact that GM higher ups like Ed Welburn are seeking to make the new Corvette more appealing to a younger audience who seems to be going after the imports.
According to JD Power and Associated the average age of a Corvette owner is around 54 years old and while that may not be old in the eyes of many, perhaps it is to Welburn and the other higher ups at GM. For that main reason alone it is rumored that more than ten designs have been submitted and are currently being seriously considered. If the past proves as any true measure, the higher ups at GM are probably considering a mixing of several of the ideas.
Here’s the problem with the theory; if GM doesn’t do anything to affect the price of the C7 Corvette it is likely that it won’t gain the younger audience it seeks. Because the Corvette has steadily climbed in price pretty much every year, the net result is that those who have not made it yet in life (the younger crowd) cannot afford to buy one. So the problem is not lack of desire, but rather a lack of funds.
Owning a Corvette these days has become a rite of passage whereby many hard working Americans save their money for many years in orders to one day be able to realize the dream that is Corvette ownership. Unfortunately, making the design more “European” will not persuade younger people to buy if they don’t have the money to do so.
However, what the move may prove to be successful with is a more accepted Corvette model for the people overseas. After all, it is no secret that GM has been undergoing some turbulent times as of late and one way to help them through the rough patch is to gain entry into places that have never really been all that accepting to them. When it comes down to it, what better vehicle does GM have to do this with than their flagship vehicle the Corvette?
While many will continue to ponder exactly what the new C7 Corvette will look like, hopefully it will not lose too much of its American flare. It is after all the Corvette and there is little that is more American than this all American icon. Besides, people save for much of their lives to buy the American dream, not a culmination of the European dream.
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