Hovercraft-Organic Designed Hovercraft

BUFO idea is present for about 2 years… the idea was to create what no one has created before – to create an ORGANIC DESIGNED hovercraft… with other words, hovercraft that has a shape of an animal… in our case – FROG.
Why Frog? Frogs are just like hovercrafts – amphibious.
Crazy idea,… a lot of people say we are crazy when we started with project one year ago…If I am honest… people still say we are crazy :) . And crazy people do crazy things… and we created BUFO Ha W hovercraft… after 2500 hard working hours spent for creating BUFO Ha W prototype model, and making moulds for production, now we are ready for unlimited production of BUFO hovercrafts… We are able to produce about 50 BUFO hovercrafts per one year or more, but we will rather run limited production of BUFO hovercrafts instead of massive production and we will focus to quality and safety of our creations.
BUFO hovercraft will be produced as
BUFO Ha W Marinus * limited 2 person high performance organic designed hovercraft created just for leisure and fun.
BUFO Ha W Predator * limited 2 person organic designed hovercraft created just for hunters needs.
BUFO Ha W Rescue * costume order 3 person organic designed hovercraft created for search and rescue operations available by the end of the year 2007.
Note: BUFO hovercraft was created in year 2006, and first BUFO hovercraft ready to fly will be finished just in few weeks. As soon as first hovercraft will run, we will shoot hovercraft image and video and publish it in this site. While you are reading this the 3rd BUFO hovercraft is under construction, so come back soon and stay informed.
You find more at our hovercraft homepage at http://www.bufocraft.net and [http://www.mad-hovercraft.si]
Bufo hovercraft pictures at… http://www.bufocraft.net/yellow_bufo_hovercraft/bufo_n.JPG 
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