Making a Winning Solar-Powered Race Car

Making a Winning Solar-Powered Race Car
car Racing

car Racing
Emil Hewage, who manages the Cambridge University Eco Racing team, believes a more efficient aerodynamic design, better batteries and a technology arsenal donated by Intel will vault is team's Endeavour solar race car into the top ten in the World Solar Challenge this October in Australia.

This photos was shot in San Francisco, where Hewage attended the Intel Developer Forum in September to gather last minute intelligence from top hardware and software engineers, anything that could give his team an edge.

The solar car race, which some call the Formula One of eco-friendly motor sports, lasts about four days and spans some 1,800 miles. The race starts at Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory and crosses the Outback to finish at Adelaide on the continent's southern coast.

Honda Indy Race Car
car Racing

car Racing
Honda pulled out of F-1 but not Indy car racing.
See my blog entries from the auto show.

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