Scion Re-Designs TC For 2011

The Toyota Motor Company created the Scion brand back in 2002 in an effort to reach younger buyers. Scion has been a success ever since and the relatively young brand’s top selling model is the Scion TC coupe. Scion has decided to re-design the TC for 2011 and the and the most major difference between the new model and the outgoing model is the flat roof-line.
When Scion released the TC they aimed at selling the car to mostly young affluent males, and they accomplished their goal at the start. Over the years though the Scion TC’s customer base has changed from mainly male to mainly female. The executives over at Scion see this as a problem and they made sure to address the issue with the new 2011 model. The most noticeable feature of the new Scion TC is the flat roof-line which gives the car a significantly more masculine look. The company is hoping that the new re-design will once again attract a majority of male buyers.
The problem I see with the goals of the new TC is that the company is trying to alienate the majority of female buyers in the hope of attracting more males, but their is no guarantee that young affluent males will want to flock back to the car in great numbers. I think the only guarantee with the new model is that young female buyers are definitely going to look elsewhere for a new car, and these lost customers will most likely go to Volkswagen who makes cars for young buyers in the same price range. It just doesn’t make any sense for a company to try and get rid of its current clientele. Instead of re-making the TC into a much more masculine car the company should have come out with a new model aimed at young male buyers.
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