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Cagiva Mito 125 motorcycle is made in Italy sport sincere. Is a scale down version of the Ducati 916, which means Mito "Myth" using two-step machine berpendingin water. almost all of the features found in the MOGE can be found on the Cagiva Mito. Start from Sasis Alumunium Deltabox, banana swing arm, front Suspensi upside down from Marzzochi to front disc brake size 320 mm and 180 mm disk brakes from Brembo is a standard feature for the Cagiva Mito. Although only 125cc Cagiva Mito plant can produce power 39 hp. So that the weight of 136kg and the size of tires 110/70 × 17 front and 150/60 × 17 rear is not a burden but it is for the Mito in Mito bermanuver ease. In addition, in 1995 while still active in the Cagiva Grand Prix Valentino Rossi is the drivers who use the Cagiva Mito in the 125cc class. With a view like this does not have nearly the Mito in the land of water that make radical modifications to the Cagiva Mito them. Even many who do modifikator the only modification to mimic the look Cagiva Mito 125.
Lack of the Myth
A myriad of features of the Mito Mito not mean to be the perfect motor. For daily use can be Mito get red value in each category. Beginning from the position of driving the bow too, so make pengendaranya quickly weary, even though the driver has to mengendari Mito. Eleven twelve with rider, pembonceng even more unhappy, with different levels such as seats on the Ninja 150 RR, on jok pembonceng Mito is only a plastic coated foam setebal 4mm, does not show it when doing peralan far as pembonceng above Mito.

Switch to pengendaraan, clutch slip into the regular rider for Mito do when stuck in a bottleneck, so even in conditions often stop teeth Mito can not except in conditions dinetralkan engine died. Parahnya when the rider often menghidup - turn off the engine battery Cagiva Mito is only 9v akan means a soak and rider must be a certain style, such as Valentino Rossi when he tried motornya after the drop, because Mito not have kick starter. Imagine if you have to encourage motor seberat 136kg in the middle of congestion only to the mesinya.Lalu Mito why buy?

Speed and satisfaction! Mito generally because the owner has another vehicle somewhere emat vehicle wheel or wheels are used for two hours a day. Kesimpulanya is if you already have another vehicle to use in minutes a day is a lover and you have the money and the speed of approximately 59 million, there is no one you try to book a Cagiva Mito adventure to be used at the end of the weekend.

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