Suzuki Skydrive

Motorcycles every year there is always a new model. Self perceptivity motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki, PT Indomobil Niaga International (IMNI), in the aim market skubek. They throw three model variants with the latest Suzuki Skydrive Dynamatic the new 125 was launched in Pondok Laguna, Jakarta, Senin (30 / 3). Two previous skubek is Suzuki Spin and Skywave.
The only competitors on the two variants. As with the Honda Vario and Beat, while menyodorkan Yamaha Mio and Mio Soul.
Skydrive Senayan in the launch at the same time with the campaign from the MCC. "You have not tahukan meaning that the MCC, ie product Kebangkitan Suzuki," Gunadi Sindhuwinata smile.
When asked why the product is called the resurrection, with pride and smoothly, the President Director of PT IMNI said. Skydrive with this, specifically, we want to seize the market competitors. "Do not wrong, in the class (125 cc) Skydrive have energy consumption at most, with one liter of fuel gas can travel 41 km distance."
As delivered Mr Mario Omanyuda as Dept Head Marketing 2W that today can be witnessed a revolution in product matik scooter. Skydrive this, he said, inspired the concept of SD and SD-01-02 (was displayed in the JMS, 2008) so that it looks very futuristic with an aggressive performance.

Matter of price, Surya Setiawan determine Rp 13 million (on the road). According to Assistant Dept. Head of Marketing 2W, Skydrive dibidik for young people aged 19-23 years with, "Meanwhile, Suzuki Spin for beginners, Skywave is for well-established that young children," said Setiawan.

With the price segitu, targeting the 12,000 units per month. Even if the price mepet with his brother, Setiawan akan not fear the preceding product. "Here we just give the consumer choice, Spin is for beginners, Skywave is well established, and Skydrive for young people," Setiawan sure. Do you want to buy a bike is cool?

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