Eliminate Identity.:. (Honda Mega Pro '03)

No more identity to recognize, what this bike brand? Usually, though modified extreme, from the engine block can be caught. Or through the headlights. But that is precisely similar to the Ducati Monster. All the features that have disappeared. Fairing that completely cover the entire body, not just half. The form is similar to motor racing uses fiber material inspired by the Honda CBR400. Come on, guess again from the side which one?

All dicustom back in order to adjust the stern of a pure form his own ideas. As a large front fairing, it consists of three connections for easily in the manufacturing process.

To be honest, the figure of Honda Mega Pro 2003 is seen not optimal. But when dibesut guaranteed to remain stable even if the cover is so big. Air grille on the side, wide enough to minimize air turbulence in addition to sweeten the overall appearance. Including the anticipated flow of air into the engine so as not to overheat due to not wearing a radiator like motor sport moge.

Body is gambot would have to be adjusted with lush legs as well. In order to look great, the next standard sokbreker closed using condoms from fiber. While the rim, both claim to make your own custom alias. Who deserves thumbs up from the motor nda 'clearly this is the selection of paint and graphics. Aware that bongsor motor body, then the selected basic color white. Plus the graffiti airbrush the fat effect was increasingly eliminated again. (* / Choke)

Front tire: 110/60-17 Duro
Rear tire: 190/50 x 17 Batlax
Front rim: Hand Made
Rear rim: Hand Made
Airs next: Custom
Sok back: YSS
Swing-arm: CBR400
Carburetor: RX-King

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