The Yamaha FZ8 motorcycle

The Yamaha FZ8 motorcycle
Yamaha FZ8

The Yamaha FZ8 is a tough looking all-rounder which is designed to sit in the middle of the FZ2 and FZ1 models.

Powering the Yamaha FZ8 is a 779cc inline 4-cylinder engine which produces 105 hp @ 10,000 rpm and 82.0Nm of torque @ 8,000 rpm. The all-new engine combines new cylinder bodies, crankshaft, top end and forged pistons. The engine is designed to offer a wide torque band which starts early and builds to a sportsbike-like rush of power.

The black, powdercoated aluminium Deltabox frame forms the structural centre of the Yamaha FZ8. It is coupled with 43mm telescopic forks up front, and a monoshock at the rear which is adjustable or preload.

The 2011 Yamaha FZ8 is available in three colors; white, blue or black. It can be ordered with or without a fairing and windshield. ABS is an optional extra.

Aggressive looks and aggressive character define the new Yamaha FZ8 - a high performance real world sports bike designed to deliver a shot of adrenaline every time you turn the key.

At the heart of the FZ8 is a flexible and powerful 779cc engine with instant drive and torque at low revs, and a trademark Yamaha rush of horsepower as you approach the red line. Light, easy handling and roomy ergonomics round out the ultimate everyday sports machine - and the optional ABS system makes hard braking safe, whatever the conditions.

The FZ8 is not a bike for beginners – it’s the naked sportsbike with true attitude and the power to back it up.

Yamaha’s FZ range packages supersports performance into a versatile chassis for everyday enjoyment. The FZ8 breathes new life into the mid-class bike category – for a more assertive machine with instant grunt lower in the rev range.

The naked FZ8’s muscular stance alerts you to the fact that this is a serious sports bike – and that light, fast handling and instant, willing power encourages bad behavior and begs you to explore its full potential every time you turn the throttle.

Ride it hard with confidence – the FZ8 packs attitude, adrenaline and Yamaha’s renowned build and finish quality into a flexible street sports machine for everyday performance riding.

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